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Innovative Education Solutions for the Pacific Northwest

Why Nautilus Learning Pods

When it comes to educating our children during this challenging time, there's no perfect answer.  We know that children need the structure, stability and social outlet school provides but also know that it just isn't safe right now to go back.  Any option we choose feels like someone is losing out. 

As a single mother with a more than full time job, I know the struggle of trying to work and teach my child. As an educator with over 15 years of experience, I know what children need to thrive academically.  Remaining home from school is the safest option to keep our community healthy. However, for working parents, single parents, and those who are unable to do school work with their children, successful remote learning feels like an impossibility.  

Nautilus Learning Pods can help.  Our experienced Pod Leaders will work with up to 8 children in your bubble.  Family, friends and neighbors can join together, allowing children to grow academically, socially and emotionally while maintaining social distancing.  


What is a Pod?

A Pod is a small group of students who meet in-person to work together on virtual learning.  This can be a group of neighbors, family members or friends who agree to adhere to similar social-distancing standards. 


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Pod Leaders provide structure and supervision for the Pod. They help students with academics, provide social and emotional support, and make the Pod experience fun and engaging. 


Nautilus Learning Pods will take the guesswork out of finding a qualified professional to work with your pod.  We will match your Pod with a qualified and screened Pod Leader.