Find the Perfect Pod

We are helping families form Pods. Maybe the right one is waiting for you!


Bainbridge Island

1st/2nd Graders- North end

This Pod has space for 1-2 more students.  All students are enrolled in Wilkes, Ordway, or Mosaic.  Pod is led by a certified teacher with many years of experience in BISD schools.  The Pod will be housed M-F in one home with plenty of space to play outdoors in the wooded backyard! Full time M-F

2nd-5th Grade- Central

This Pod has space for 3 more students.  The Pod will be housed in an old fashioned schoolhouse, with a pond, chickens, and lots of outdoor play equipment.  Fabulous Pod Leader is ready to delve into SEL, project-based learning and help students complete all remote learning through BISD.  Hours TBD

1st-5th Grade- Central/South

This Pod has space for 3 more students.  It's an all-boys Pod with students ranging from 1st-5th grade.  These kids are really into science and math, and are eager learners.  The Pod will be split between two homes and meet M-F during regular school hours.

K- 2nd Grade- Central/South

This Pod has space for 2 more students who attend Odyssey.  There will be lots of outdoor play, self-directed and Pod Leader directed activities as the students follow the guidelines of their remote learning curriculum.  We have a caring and compassionate Pod Leader with a background in child development ready to bring these children a unique, social and engaging Pod experience.


K-3rd - Spanish Immersion

We have the start of a great Spanish Immersion Pod with a few kids who attend either John Stanford or McDonald and we are looking for just a few more children to join this Pod.  We have a Spanish speaking Pod Leader lined up and ready to go! M-F Full time

K-6 Pod Near Matthew's Beach

Artistic and creative kids are seeking 3 more children! The have a Pod Leader in place with a teaching certificate as well as a place to host. This Pod has a space for indoor and outdoor learning. 20-30 hours a week M-F

1st/2nd in Eastlake/Queen Anne

These busy families have space for 2 more kids to join in with their Pod.  They have a large space inside with parents working upstairs and the downstairs free for the children. Close to a park and has a nice outdoor space for the kids to take their breaks. M-F Full time.