Part Time Programs:

Pricing varies based on the Leader's skills and experience along with the hours and days your Pod will meet.  The part time rate is divided amongst the families in the Pod. Part Time Pods begin at 20 hours per week.

Full Time Programs: 

Our 5-day program rate starts at $600 per month per child, based on the number of children in the Pod and the qualifications and experience of the Pod Leaders.  

Other Fees:

$200 matching fee (one time fee)

$125 supply (per semester)

These fees are applied to each family in The Pod

To view a comprehensive pricing list click here.


Pod Leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  

Nautilus Learning Pods provides a living-wage for the employees.  Pod Leaders may have a background education, be former or retired teachers, have experience as tutors, teacher's assistants or aides or work in enrichment and out-of-school programs.  

We believe educators and those who devote their lives to working with children are valued and essential parts of our communities and deserve to be paid accordingly.

The experience and background of your Pod Leader factor into the rates for services.


We are committed to working with your family and your children's needs.  The pricing structure for your Pod will depend on the number of children, their ages, the experience and credentials of the Pod Leader and the range of needs in your Pod.  

We take many factors into consideration as we create contracts for our Pods and Pod Leaders. 

Based on your Pods unique structure we will create a contract between the Pod families, Pod Leader and NLP.